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    PMI is one of the world’s largest volume purchasing companies for furniture fixtures and equipment in the hospitality industry and is the leading procurement agent in the entertainment and gaming industry.

  • The Scope of PMI

    Founded in 1995, today, PMI serves the hospitality, entertainment, gaming, and senior living industries, with budgeting, sourcing, purchasing, job cost control, logistics and the installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, worldwide.

  • The Strength of PMI

    Put PMI’s Billion dollar purchasing power to work on your next project with the best purchasing services and expertise in the industry.

PMI Hospitality

PMI’s roots in the hospitality industry run deep. Our clients rely on us time and again to deliver luxury projects around the world.

PMI Tribal Services

Formed to meet the unique needs of native communities, PMI Tribal Services helps tribal developments to meet the goals of their members.

PMI Entertainment & Gaming

PMI is the leading purchasing company in the gaming industry. With large, complex projects that run on tight timelines, PMI knows how to meet the high demands of gaming and entertainment clients.

PMI Services

PMI provides FF&E and OS&E purchasing for large, luxury, and complex projects around the world. Understand our scope of services.

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    View PMI’s global collection of projects and success stories.

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