FF&E Surveys, Inventories, Annual Capital Plan Services

PMI's FF&E surveys, inventories and capital plan services involve the inspection of FF&E in the rooms and public spaces of a hotel.  The outcome of the surveys is a 5 to 7 year capital replacement budget and plan which encompasses a listing and photographs of the furnishings in a hotel as well as a count, explanation of the condition, and replacement cost of those items.  Additionally, room matrixes and furnishings are provided to allow the owner and his designer to specify exact quantities of replacement goods.  PMI has provided these services for thousands of hotel rooms around the world for clients such as G.E. Capital, Wyndham, Carnival Hotels, and many individual hotel owners.

As a result of each study, PMI provides a listing of all furnishings in the form of a budget and capital plan that recommends what needs to be replaced in the cycle over a five-year period of time when new furnishings will be required.

In summary, PMI's survey and capital plan services include:

  • Total budget for replacement of furnishings, including installation, freight and warehousing cost
  • Five-year capital plan for all furnishings, operating supplies, kitchen and laundry
  • Pictorial reference of inventoried furnishings
  • Vertical room charts and furnishing matrixes
  • Recommendation and organization of reusable furnishings
  • Written scope of work for renovations