Expediting Services

These are some of the everyday challenges on a project when you are dealing with custom product from all over the world.

  • “The truck was supposed to be here hours ago and I don’t know who to call!”
  • “They say it’s on the boat but from where and how do I get it?”
  • “Damage! Now what do I do?”
  • “It’s brown but it was supposed to be black, why do I have to pay for that mistake?”

You save a lot of money by sourcing and procuring professionally, but it can all be lost when the product does not show up correct or on time. 

PMI includes the PMI Expediting Services in its regular purchasing scope of work. Additionally, this service can be provided on a stand alone basis to supplement the Clients purchasing department. PMI has provided expediting services to such companies as City Center, Las Vegas. John Q Hammons Hotels, Harrahs Entertainment and others. 

Expediting Services

  • Acknowledgement verification
  • Prototypes
  • Finish Samples
  • Shop drawings
  • Cuttings for approval
  • Strike offs
  • Load plans
  • Shipping consolidation
  • Expediting Reports
  • Approval deficiency report
  • Requests for Information “RFI’s”
  • Logistics
  • Installation and Warehouse Coordination
  • Punch list evaluation and written proofs of delivery